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Measuring Wheels South Africa

measuring wheels south africa

    measuring wheels
  • (measuring wheel (n)) A piece of field equipment designed to measure distances; generally composed of a small wheel and calibrated meter mounted on the end of a handle

    south africa
  • a republic at the southernmost part of Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1910; first European settlers were Dutch (known as Boers)

  • The South African national Australian rules football team (nicknamed the Lions) represent South Africa in the sport of Australian rules football.

  • A country that occupies the most southern part of Africa; pop. 42,718,000; administrative capital, Pretoria; legislative capital, Cape Town; judicial capital, Bloemfontein; languages, English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, and others

  • (south african) of or pertaining to or characteristic of South Africa or its people

measuring wheels south africa - Rolatape 32-400

Rolatape 32-400 Professional Series 4-Foot Measuring Wheel

Rolatape 32-400 Professional Series 4-Foot Measuring Wheel

Folds down to 17in.! Precision counter records up to 100,000ft. All-steel measuring wheel is ideal for heavy construction, land surveying and other tough measuring applications. Wheel stand and brake. 15 1/2in. dia. Handle is 29in. L. Overall extended length is 45 3/4in. Measures up to (ft.): 100,000, Wheel Circumference (ft.): 4, Wheel Diameter (in.): 15 1/2, Overall Height (in.): 45 3/4, Foldable or Retractable Handle: Yes, Foldable or Retractable Height (in.): 17, Material: Steel, Stand Included: Yes

81% (7)

Zuurveld sugarbush or Protea eximia, The Cape, South Africa

Zuurveld sugarbush or Protea eximia, The Cape, South Africa

The amaXhosa of South Africa had to give up most of their land in the course of nine wars variously called the Xhosa Wars, the Kaffir Wars or the Cape Frontier Wars, which raged from 1779 through 1879. The first several were fought with the invading Dutch settlers, the Afrikaners. The British who took over the Cape in the early 19th century fought from the Fourth War (1811-1812) onwards, driving the Xhosa far away from the coastal plains first to the Zuurveld or Suurveld, and then across the Fish River and beyond the mountains (among others the Black Mountains, Swartberg).
Accompanying the British van even before the Fourth War officially began was James Niven (1774-1827) of Scotland who had first come to South Africa as a plant collector in 1798-1803. He returned again under the patronage of Empress Josephine of France from about 1804 to 1812. A voracious collector he discovered many new plants not only closer to Cape Town but especially in his forays to the Black Mountains and the Zuurveld. An avid botanist he was also an excellent linguist who became very useful in the course of British military action in the Fourth War and the events leading up to it. Thus he travelled widely. Among his botanical discoveries was the Protea eximia (formerly: latifolia), of which, I think, this is an example.
The Protea has a great many different kinds and forms - hence its name - and some yield products for human consumption, as the English or South-African vernaculars indicate: in lieu of 'real' sugar, early colonists would hang proteas upside down to collect the nectar for sweetener and candy (forbidden today because they are a protected species). I thought the juxtaposition of 'sugar' and the place where Niven apparently first discovered the plant (the slopes of the Black Mountains toward the fruitful Zuurveld, "zuur" being "sour" in English) a pleasant semantic diversion.
This photograph was taken in the wonderful botanical gardens of Kirstenbosch, just behind Table Mountain. The bright white South-African light makes for a great optical sharpness.
And what of Niven? He returned to Great Britain, left botany altogether and became an ordinary businessman...

Measuring ERD - Part 3

Measuring ERD - Part 3

What you measure is the overlap of the rods--use a caliper, to be as accurate as possible. This measurement really needs to be within a millimeter. You subtract the overlap from the total length of the rods (typically 700mm), in order to come-up with the ERD measurement.

measuring wheels south africa

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